LRS nut installation on a 90’s Strat

In this video I’m installing an LRS roller nut on an early 90’s Strat. This job was very challenging, but well worth the effort. The vibrato bar was also in need of some fine tuning. Setting it up just the way the player wanted it also presented some challenges. This video shows how I did […]

PRS Kit Guitar – Bridge Modification.

Here’s a video of me doing some modifications to the bridge of a PRS kit guitar. The angle of the neck was cut wrong and as a result the action of the strings was to high to the fret board. This video shows how I fixed the problem with out doing any serious modifications to […]

Repairing the headstock of a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar

The area where the headstock and neck meet is a real week spot on most guitars – especially on a Gibson. This Les Paul “Studio” took a bad fall at the club where the owner of the guitar, Andrew Gedacht from the group RBC, was performing. I repaired the break, but some of the original […]

Replacing the nut on a Gibson 339

This beautiful Gibson 339 was in need of a little TLC. A loud buzz had developed at  the first fret of the “A” string. The slot had become to deep and a result the nut needed to be replaced. I decided to replace the standard Gibson nut, which is made of plastic, with a custom […]

The Analog Alien Rumble Tele guitar

This was a really fun project to work on. I custom built this beautiful guitar to help promote the release of our new guitar effects pedal the “Rumble Seat” – which we debuted at the 2013 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim California.  The guitar is called the Analog Alien “Rumble Tele”. The idea behind the […]