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Hello, and welcome to the Long Island Guitar Fix website.

My name is Jack Napoli. I began setting up and repairing guitars back in the mid 70’s, when I was a teenager. At first I only worked on guitars that I owned myself, but as my confidence and skills both grew, I began setting up and repairing guitars for my friends and other local musicians in my area.
My love affair with the guitar at an early age led me to form a band with my brother, who plays the drums. We built a small recording studio together so that we could record demos of our group. In time, that small studio grew into a professional recording facility: Cloud 9 Recording: http://cloud9recording.com/  Recording the guitar and working with so many diverse guitarists on a daily basis really gave me a big advantage when it came to setting up guitars. As I got better at my craft, I began to develop a sixth sense for how the guitar, both electric and acoustic, should be set up and maintained in order to play properly. I also began to realize that different guitarists had their own preference when it came to how they wanted their guitars to sound and play. Some players wanted their guitars to be set up to exact factory specifications, while others wanted those specifications altered in some way. Some of these alterations included string action, neck relief, re-fretting, pickup replacement and electronic modifications.

In time, I learned that the best way to approach a guitar setup was to pay attention to the needs of the individual guitarist and their playing style. This can vary greatly from player to player. And just as individual players can have different playing styles, guitars themselves are not all created equal. While they may have some things in common, they can differ greatly in their design and construction.  A Stratocaster and a Les Paul are two good examples of this. Each one needs to be set up differently so that each will sound and play in the way that they were designed. But regardless of those needs, I will never do anything to a guitar that I don’t feel needs to be done. For example, I won’t perform a re-fret when a simple fret leveling will do the job.

In addition to owning a recording studio and doing guitar setup and restoration, I also manufacture guitar effects pedals under the name of Analog Alien: http://www.analogalien.com/ The pedals we produce are top quality in both sound and construction. They are not personality vacuums like so many pedals on the market today. They are designed to allow the true sound your guitar to shine through and will never cover up your playing style.

Please take a moment to look through this site and to view some of the videos that I’ve uploaded of me performing setups, modifications, and repairs to some of the guitars I’ve had the pleasure of working on. I would also like to encourage you to visit my other websites. They will give you a better idea as to what I love to do, as well as my own personal approach to doing it.   In the meantime, if you have a guitar that requires a setup or is in need of repair, and you would like to discuss it with me, please feel free to email me or give me a call at: 631-332-8585. I never get tired of working on or talking about guitars.

– Jack

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